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What We Do


Residential & Commercial Air Conditioning

As a trusted name in domestic air conditioning, we are dedicated to providing the Sunshine Coast with the best equipment and installations around.

With years of experience in the industry we can help select the best system available to suit your requirements. We can ensure that your system will be working at its best.

Our company prides itself on picture-perfect installations, every time. We promise to deliver services in an effective, tidy manner, to ensure your life can continue stress-free.


Residential & Commercial Refrigeration

QLD Air and Refrigeration are experts in installing and maintaining commercial refrigeration systems. Our extensive knowledge comes from over 25 years of industry experience including defense, hospitality, supermarket, government, construction, road, and rail sectors. An accurate and efficient refrigeration system is a must for your business to protect your equipment and perishable stock. Knowing your equipment is running correctly gives you peace of mind and lets you best serve your customers. We will guide you on all aspects of your refrigeration needs, from installation to preventative maintenance, to fast and reliable repairs. Contact us for all your commercial refrigeration needs.


Subscription Maintenance Service

Did you know that your air conditioner is a favorite spot for little critters and insects? Your air conditioner can also harbour mold and germs within the indoor unit, even if you clean the filters regularly. 

Having your unit professionally  maintained with our critter deterrent and cleaned can greatly improve the efficiency and life expectancy of your system, not to mention the health benefits of not breathing in moldy air. Our products are non-toxic and therefore safe for your kids, animals and our environment. 

At QAR we offer annual programmed professional maintenance and cleaning with great discounts for our loyal clients. Please contact us to learn more!



Licensed & Insured

We're fully licensed and insured to guarantee your safety and ours. We're serious about safety and invite you to check our credibility - our license numbers can be found here.


Innovative Service

Queensland Air & Refrigeration stays ahead of new products and systems that help reduce energy consumption, such as smart thermostats, a variety of sensors that converge the building’s lighting, security and HVAC systems into a single, easy to manage network. These adaptive sensors learn the daily habits of building occupants and automatically adjust air and light settings accordingly; maximizing comfort while minimizing energy waste. Ask Us what innovative products we have for your home or business.


Quality Workmanship

Nothing at Queensland Air and Refrigeration is done by halves. We use only the highest quality products and ensure that all of our work is completed to the highest standard.


Problem Solving

At Queensland Air and Refrigeration our aim is to solve your units issues, not bandaid them. With decades of experience, we will use our knowledge and experience to help take care of the issues at the core, saving you time and money in the future.



We're passionate about securing a future for our family and yours, which is why we choose and use sustainable products and practices wherever possible. Ask us about our non toxic products for your AC system.



Don't just take our word for it, check out our reviews or ask around - we're proud of our reputation! Our focus is on our client's satisfaction. We always turn up, when we say we will and take the utmost care when working in your home or place of business.

Modern Architecture

Working With the Best Brands


“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress: Working hard for something we love is called passion.” 

Queensland Air & Refrigeration is a 

family run business with a lot of passion to reduce our carbon footprint. We make it our aim to help reduce your energy bills (air conditioning units use more energy than any appliance in your home), use environment friendly refrigerants and/or choose a energy efficient air conditioning unit thats perfect for your space and way of living. We would love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out today so we can make our environment better tomorrow and for our future generations.

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Sunshine Coast & Brisbane

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